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supply light steel structure prefab house

supply light steel structure prefab house supply light steel structure prefab house supply light steel structure prefab house

Product name : supply light steel structure prefab house

Price : 8888 USD

Details :

Steel prefab house:
steel prefab house used Light Steel Structural as frame work , Sandwich panel as Wall panel and Roof panel , The Steel parts connected by screw , easily install ,widely used for  : Resident house(multi-bedroom)  , Construction Accomodation ,  Office  ,Classroom ,  Clinics  , Oil Field Camps , Offshore accommodation  ,   Labor Camps ,Guard Houses  , Container  house , Mobile house . fast manufacture , easily installation , lower cost  and save manpower , suitable for remote area

Structural Drawings


Technical Parameters

Materials of prefab steel house:
1). Steel prefab house, move easily and lower cost
2). Various fire resistance door, ventilated duct, translucent board, window, and shutter can be installed simply on site
3). All steel fabric parts of steel  prefab house can be made according to clients requirement: board for ceiling and wall with various colors and patterns greatly improve appearance of building to meet requirement of client
4). The steel prefab house is low cost, durable structure, convenient relocation, easy to assemble and disassemble, and environment-protection,
5). Various high and low structures can be designed on steel fabric building and any wall can build subsidiary building
6). Various steel fabric building can bear hoist and guide
7). Alternating section frame designed and welded by computer can utilize material as possible as we can
8). The company prepared various double-layered floor for installing in the traditional or compound building
9). The material of steel prefab house is light and easily to installation. one  50 square meter house five workers 1-3days finished installation, save manpower and  time.
10). All the materials of steel prefab house can cycle-use. And  meets the require of environment protection in the world. Special is in the large-scale house projects  in the developed region.
11). We used the high quality galvanized sheet  and foam as the materiasl of the wall and roof . So the steel prefab house  is good for fire proofing, water proofing, corrosion-resistant, sound-insulating, heat-insulating, resistance to typhoon of force 12, resistance to earthquake of force 7.
12). we can make the design of steel prefab house for you, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and any size is ok .
13). Support frame system of steel prefab house: Q235B China standarn steel structural. Square stube, Channel steel, ect
14). Wall : 75mm EPS sandwich panel: Roof : 75mm EPS sandwich panel
15). Window : Aluminum profile or PVC Window for your choose
16). Door: sandwich panel door or steel door

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