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hydraulic curving machine

hydraulic curving machine hydraulic curving machine

Product name : hydraulic curving machine

Price : 4700 USD

Details :

Working flow:

Feeding → Curving → Cutting
Technical specifications
Step of forming roller 5 rollers 
Treatment of roller quenched and  tempered treatment, hard chromized coated 0.05mm 
Diameter of shaft (solid shaft) 70mm 
Material of shaft (solid shaft) (high grade) 45# Steel
Razor blades material Cr12, quenching 58-62 °.
Material of frame 350 # H steel welded 
Thickness of middle plate 16mm 
 Power of main motor 3KW 
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3phase
Line speed : about 9 m/min 
Feeding width 1000mm
Suitable coil thickness 0.3~0.7mm
Motor power of hydraulic station 3kw 
Hydraulic cutting: cutting controlled by PLC 
Accuracy of cutting +/- 2mm
PLC & Frequency converter DELTA(Made in TAIWAN) 
Weight About 1.8T 
Machine size 1300mm*800mm*1400mm
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