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highway Guardrail roll forming machine

Product name : highway Guardrail roll forming machine

Price : 41500 USD

Details :

Technical specifications:

Guiding rollers: 2 pcs, diameter 120mm
Leveling rollers: 5 pcs, diameter 90mm
Forming shafts: external diameter 100 mm, 45# steel thermal refining
Roller material: GCR15 bearing steel quenching HRC58-62°
Material of blade:Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment 60-62
Punching system: 150T hydraulic punching
Main forming stations: 16 groups
Motor power: 30kw
Hydraulic power: 11kw
Main stand: 400# H steel
Wall plate: 20mm thickness
Chains size: 2 inch
Material thickness: 2.5-4.0mm Q235 steel
Speed: 10-12m/min
Appearance size: 10000x1500x1200mm
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