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wall panel forming machine

wall panel forming machine wall panel forming machine

Product name : wall panel forming machine

Item : RS 900-225-15

Details :
900-225-15 Automatic Roll Forming Machine
1.      The chart of process flow
Decoiling- active feeding- roll forming- measuring length- cutting to length- product to stand
2. Main equipment
Manual-decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic system, electric system..
3. Technical parameters
1) manual inner tight decoiler
Max weight of loading: 5000kgs
2) main forming machine
A. Number of forming steps: 13
B. Material of shaft: 45# steel adjustable treatment. Outer diameter: 70mm
C. Material of roller: high grade 45# steel (plated chrome on surface)
D. Main motor power: 3kw
E. Forming speed: 8m/min
F. Stand: 350# steel welding
G. machine dimension: about 6.5m*1.5m*1.2m(depend on final design)
H. total weight:about 3000kgs(depend on final design)
I. Roller: High grade No.45 forged steel, plated hard chromed on the surface of rollers With thickness 0.05mm.
4. hydraulic cutting
J. cutting blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment.
5. Fully Automatic Control System with PLC.
Controling Systerm:
Frequency converters:Delta (TAIWAN)
Controlling desktop : liquid crystal display(Text Panel)
6. This roll forming machine can roll form metal roofing panel. After roll formed by this roll forming machine, the surface will be very smooth and beautiful without any scratch on surface
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