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Highway guardrail roll forming machine

Highway guardrail roll forming machine Highway guardrail roll forming machine

Product name : Highway guardrail roll forming machine

Item : RS 85-192

Price : FOB (XinGang) $ 98300 USD

Details :
Guardrail roll forming machine
We are specialized in producing W purline fast guardrail roll forming machine, including coiler machining, cold roll forming machine, automatic product line etc.
1. Picture & Drawing:
2. Production process:
Loading—decoiler—leveling—punching—forming –cutting –output
3. The equipment includes:
Hydraulic decoiler
Leveling loading machine
Punching machine1#
Punching end hole
Punching machine2#
Punching mid hole
Roll forming machine
Cutting machine
Output stand
Hydraulic system
Control system
4. Technical specifications:
⑴ Decoiler
Function: support and develop steel coil.
Structure: Welding forming, single arm and hydraulic tight and loose, with power and damping, Pneumatic drive.
Application and parameter:
Coil ID: 508-515mm
OD: 1200mm
Power: 5kw
Loading speed: 20m/min
Weight: ≦ 5T
⑵ Leveling loading machine
Function: Leveling panel
Structure: leading device, leveling roll (7 rolls), two material directing rollers, and stand. Alternating current machine driving; gear and chain transmission.
Application and parameter:
Panel width: 550mm max
Thickness: 2.5-3.0mm
Leveling speed: 13m/min
Power: 5.5kw
⑶Punching machine1# and 2#
Function of punching machine1#: Punching connection hole (18holes)
Structure: adopt stable performance and reasonable structure four columns and whole punching mold to make sure precise hole locations.
Application and parameter:
Pressure: 1200KN
Gathering surface: 1120*910mm
Distance: 200mm
Function of punching machine 2#: punching mid hole
Structure: adopt stable performance and reasonable structure of four columns and Cr12 quenching treatment of mold material
⑷Roll forming machine
Structure: adopt welding structure and fixing location once to make sure precise.
Adopt built-up structure to make sure little speed difference, resistance and surface abrasion.
Adopt punching machine 2# between the 2nd and 3rd roll.
Adopt reducer driving and chain transmission.
Adopt imported software to design and FEA analysis to make sure precise shape.
Application and parameter:
Material thickness: 2.5-3.0mm
Material width: 482mm
Speed: 12m/min
Shafts: 15 groups
Shaft diameter: 80mm
Roll material: GCr15
Width with mold: 520mm
Horizontal roll distance: 333-587mm
Vertical roll distance: 163-210mm
Output height: 818mm
Power: 18.5kw
Appearance size: 10953mm*2356mm*1160mm
⑸Cutting machine
Function: cutting
Structure: adopt stable performance and reasonable structure of hydraulic driving to make sure no scrap.
Application and parameter:
Cutter material: Cr12
Treatment: quenching
Panel thickness: 3mm max
Hydraulic cylinder diameter: 180mm
Distance: 85mm
⑹ Output Stand
Function: Support and output panel.
Structure: stand and supporting roll
Application and parameter:
Two ends and 3m per panel
⑺Hydraulic system
Function and structure: supply power for punching machine and cutter machine
⑻Control system
Function: control start, revolution and stop of the whole production line.
Structure: Power distribution cabinet, control table and counter.
Adopt PLC control system to control length.
Operation: artificial and automatic
5. The total price of the equipment: 6. Payment:50% T/T prepaid, and pay the balance before shipping.
7. Delivery time: 30 working days, except special cases.
8. Guarantee period: one year.
9. Installation and training:
① If buyers visit our factory and check the machine, we will teach you how to install and use the machine, and also train your workers/technician face to face.
② Without visiting,we will send you user manual and CD to teach you to install and operate.
③ If buyer needs our technician to go to your local factory,please arrange board and lodging and other necessary things.
10. Spare parts: bearings, buttons, chains, magnetic valve, protective tube etc.
Finished guardrail:

Packed W-beam guardrails Steel guardrails   
w-beam guardrails W-beam guardrails on highway 
w-beam highway guardrails
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