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Electric pruning shear

Electric pruning shear Electric pruning shear Electric pruning shear Electric pruning shear

Product name : Electric pruning shear

Details :

Electric pruning shear specification:
Max shear diameter: 30mm
Working voltage: 36V
Power: 450W
Shear weight: 1kg (including line 1.3kg)
Battery weight: 1.4kg
Battery: 36V 4Ah 144Wh lithium battery
Charger voltage: input AC 110V~240V, output DC4.25V
Charge time: 3~4 hours
Working time: 8~10 hours
Shear type: for hard tree branch, max shear diameter 25mm (for example Juniperus formosana), for soft tree branch, max shear diameter 30mm (for example grape)

One set electric pruning shear including:
1. Electric shear
2. Battery
3. Charger
4. Power line 1.5m
5. Battery bag
6. Tools for maintain and adjust
7. Tool cabinet and manual

Advantage of electric pruning shear:
1. Make pruning job much more easier. 
2. The production efficiency of electric scissors is 2-3 times that of traditional hand scissors.
3. Lithium battery is more environmentally friendly, it can work longer time, and weight is light.
4. The blade material is tungsten steel, it is durable.
5. The shear incision is flat and tidiness, the tree is easier to heal wounds. It can prevent the disease and pest injury, and the sprout will be better.
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