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828 roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

Product name : 828 roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

Item : RS 1035/828-202-27

Price : FOB 8600 USD

Details :
28-207-828 Glazed tile forming machine
1. Profiles/drawing:

2. The Chart of Process flow
Decoiling→ feeding→ pressing and forming the shape→ measure the length→ cutting→ receiving the plates
3. The line includes:
  main forming machine, Hydraulic press forming device, Hydraulic system, Electrical control system, Hydraulic cutter, Normal receiving table
4. Technical specifications
Number of forming rollers: 9 groups
Material of shaft: 45# steel adjustable treatment. Outer diameter 75mm
Material of roller: 45#steel, plating hard chrome on the surface, rigidity HR55°-57°
Material of blade: Cr12mould steel with quenched treatment 60-62°
Main motor power: 3kw
Speed of forming: 3m/min
Stand: 350# steel welding
The plating chromium of rollers’ surface: 0.05mm thickness
Thickness of the steel: 0.4-0.6mm

FOB price for the whole set machine: 8600 USD
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