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advantage & disadvantage of double layer forming machine

Author:Mon ji Date:2010-7-14 10:47:05

To fulfilled the demanding of get two sectional sheet in limit space and get changed rapidly, the double layer forming machine (two layers in one machine) come out. One roller stations installed on the bottom and the other roller stations for another sheet installed on the top. Change between up and down can get two kinds of sheet. The producing line has a uncoiler and a cutting system. If you operate on the top layer, a kind of drawing get produced, and if you operate on the down layer, the other kind of sheet get producted.
This kind of double layer roll forming machine can save much working space,  However,the two layer can not work at same time ,so bad work efffiency , rollers are fixed in the samll space and it is hard to install the assistant rollers. That would add some difficulty on adjusting and inspection.
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