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How to choice a roll forming machine from thousands of supplier

Author:Mon ji Date:2012-7-14 10:28:37

With the development of the economic,there are so many construction object .And more and more friends choose to become self-employed. Machine tools such as roll forming machine,it is a great idea to creat a job to making roofing sheet . Such tools could range from million, easily hundreds of thousands or even millions of, so how to purchasing a products is a difficult problem. I concluded many years experience in this business to supply of friends as a reference.

First, make sure the type to purchase, when buying, to take into account the needs of enlarging the scale left after a certain margin to determine the machine type. After making sure of the type of machine, lots to know the around purchased machine tools’ usage, machine quality, service, etc.

Second, make sure which factories you want to buy the equipments from. In this part, often most friends easy to overlook, because whichever factories you connet to, basically, the factory will tell you they professional manufacture this type product. In fact, different factories make different types. Factory often supply all kinds of products by adjust the way goods. Purchased the products’

after-sales service that can imagine.

After contact with several factories, obtain the machine price, parameters, payment, shippers way,etc, the most important part is choose the factories. Generally use to remove the highest and lowest price and select a well-known manufactures. This can get better value for money, while guaranteeing quality and after-sales service.

The next step is to contract and pay deposit, section delivery, or COD, etc, with related issues. If possible, you’d better look at the factory.

Generally, according to the above steps, you can buy favorite products, some notes here to reind my friends.

Frist, do not buy goods Products Adjustment, know more about the factory’s reputation, quality, service, etc.

Second, do not buy inferior products for cheap, even refurbished products.

Third, note the price variance between different brand, and determine the brand according to your own situation.

Forth, can go to look at the factory.

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