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Customer ordered floor deck roll forming machine loading

Author:Ji Date:2012-9-7 16:01:02

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
 1. Type and specification:RS 75-344-688
2. Technique parameters of the processing line
(1) Plate Material: Galvanized plate
(2) Thickness of the plate : 0.8-1.5mm
(3) Input width of the plate: 1000mm
(4) Effective width of the plate: 688mm
(6) Productivity : 8-12m/min
(7) Roller steps :27 rows
(8) Roller material: 45# steel
(9) Diameter of active shaft: 95 mm
(10) Wall thickness of the main forming machine: 22mm steel plate
(11) Main forming machine body : 450mmH steel
(12) Transmission chain : 2’’
Reducer is18.5kw Xingxing Cycloid which works stably and no noise.
(13) Cutting hydraulic systerm adopts CDF-10 gear pump,the motor power is 5.5kw, no noise, work stably, long life expentancy.
(14) PLC control systerm, easy to operate, high precision and work stably.
(15) Dimensions of major structure:16000mm*1200mm*1000mm
3. Processing technique and deployment
Processes: Automatic Decoiler(5T)—Roll Forming Machine—PLC System—Hydraulic System-Post Cut-Automatic Stacking
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