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Hereunder I tell you how to check the roll forming machine quality ,Hope this will help you in future .

1. roll forming machine was made of steel . The quality of steel mainly impact the machine quality and price .
2. when you check the machine ,you will see the main stand and wall plate. if use 250# beam channel (C shape) the price is far cheaper than 250# H steel . wall plate thickness less 12 mm will impact the machine life due to long time transportation .
3. And then you will see the roller ,  roller should be plated hard chrome . Some Corrugated machine use cast iron that is ok . But if somebody tell you the roll is plated hard chrome but the price is very low . that only prove you are cheated.
4. Control box , you should note the PLC brand , electric relay ,circuit breaker brand . With or without ,frequency transducer .
All of our export machine has frenquency trasducer , which is use to keep the low erro . Our machine can keep erro within ±1mm in length.
5. the shaft ,what is the shaft out diameter ? you should use vernier calipers to check by yourself. And then knock the shaft and listen and then judge the shaft is solid or not . Our normal roll forming machine use 70-95mm Out diameter ,and total solid ,not like some supplier use thick wall steel pipe as shaft.

6. roller ,Now there are some bad supplier ,try everything they can save materail to low price and get order . Even worse , high price low quality . please see the under picture : There should be a whole roller mould , but now it was changed into tow part . But our rollers are all good quality and whole rollers.

7. Chain : Roll forming machine Chain width , Of cause the more wider more better .normal machine use 1 Inch Chain
8. Running test . try to use the machine under Manual and automatic two type to check whether run is ok . Ask the supplier put 3-5 m length sheet ,forming to shape and cut , check the sheet shape.

Ok, now you will now ,why seem same specification machine but other supplier price is very low . we can offer reasonable discount price to make cooperation with you .but if you need that kind machine , you only want to use very short time , do not contact me , our price is high .

Hope that above information can help you . When you got any problem you can give me a feedback , I will help you.  

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